TICKS Checklist

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Keep in mind the TICKS checklist for safe baby wearing always:

T - TIGHT: Sling should be tight enough to hug baby close to you. If fabric is not tight baby may slump down in sling and this can hinder baby’s breathing and pull on your back.

I – IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES: You should always be able to see baby’s face by simply glancing down. Fabric should not cover baby’s face.

C – CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS: By tipping your head forward you should be able to kiss baby on the head. Baby’s head should be as close to your chin as is comfortable.

K – KEEP CHIN OFF CHEST: Baby’s chin should not be on their chest. Baby should never be curled so that their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict their breathing. Ensure there is always a finger width of space under your baby’s chin. Any pressure on the chin can close the baby’s airway and obstruct their breathing.

S – SUPPORTED BACK: Baby’s back should be supported in a natural position so their stomach and chest are against your chest. A loose sling can cause baby to slump which can partially close their airway. Check this by placing your hand on baby’s back and gently pressing: they should not uncurl or move closer to you.





It is the responsibility of the wearer to ensure your ring sling is safe to use each time you use it and that it is worn correctly. Zarinah accepts no liability for harm caused as a result of misusing your ring sling.