Babywearing Consultation

COVID19 Update: Due to the current restrictions in Melbourne, please contact us below for updated consultation information. 

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Babywearing consultations can be great if you're:
-Needing some hands on assistance with your ring sling or baby carrier
-Are wanting to babywear but unsure which type of sling/wrap/carrier would suit you 
-Want to ensure that you are wearing baby in a safe and optimal way
-Looking for a gift for a mama-to-be living in Melbourne 

Meet Sarah:

Babywearing Consultant Sarah

As an experienced babywearing mother, Sarah is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge with her communities. For the last 3 years Sarah has been involved in babywearing education through the community engagement and activities in which she takes part. In February 2018 Sarah completed training with The Babywearing School Australia, which focussed on how to teach babywearing skills to beginners.

Sarah believes babywearing can be an excellent tool in making early motherhood and post-partum more manageable. 

If you are yet to own a baby carrier, Sarah can help you try different types to see which may be suited to you. She shares up to date babywearing information and video tutorials on her instagram.
Find her on instagram @smahri.babywearing or click here

Please contact us using the contact form for updated information regarding the current COVID19 Melbourne restrictions.

"Sarah came to my place last week to show me how to use my ring sling! She was AMAZING!! She came prepared with her life sized/weight dolls and showed me how to put it on. She then helped me wear my baby girl. She was SO informative and explained every step so well. I now feel confident using the sling! Thank you so much Zarinah for a beautiful sling and Sarah for your help!" - Merve

"Having Sarah's persistent guidance in how to properly wear slings and carriers has given me the confidence to babywear all day, everyday. It's a must have accessory mummas and doing it properly makes it all worthwhile" - Maryam

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