Caring for your Ring Sling

Your Zarinah sling is made from 100% dupion silk sourced from India and hand dyed with 100% natural azo free dye. Due to the natural dye, the colour will run when in water, that is ok. Some loss of dye is to be expected.

We recommend spot cleaning by hand with cold water as soon as soiling occurs, if possible. 

Machine Washing:
Delicate setting using cold water individually or with like colours. Can use a small amount of gentle detergent if desired or some vinegar to keep the lustre.

Hand Washing:
Swish it in cold water for about 5 minutes and lightly rub any stains. Rinse with water and a small amount of vinegar to restore the natural lustre of the fabric. Refrain from wringing out the ring sling, instead you can roll it up in a towel to remove excess water.

Line dry your ring sling in the shade (not in direct sunlight).

Steam iron on medium heat. Steam ironing helps break in your ring sling.

Your ring sling is dry cleanable if a more thorough clean is required.

Periodically, check the ring sling for wear and tear. Stop using if any ripped seams, torn fabric or damaged hardware is found.

The more you use, iron and wash your silk ring sling, the softer and better it will get!