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Zarinah began after the birth of my son. He was a baby who demanded touch and closeness. I was a deer in the headlights, caught between what felt natural; to hold him all the time, and the advice of others who cautioned "If you hold him, you will spoil him and he will never sleep on his own". Thankfully my 'village' consisted of family and friends who support and promote a parenting approach of ease and 'do what comes naturally'. Two close friends gifted me a wrap and a ring sling and baby wearing became a daily practise for my son and I. It was through the wisdom and experience of these women I learnt how to safely and comfortably wear my baby. 
Ring slings became my go-to everyday. They are genius in their design, beautiful, versatile and folds up super small to fit in your handbag so you have it on hand everywhere you go. They can be used from when the baby is born until your baby is a toddler. Fully adjustable to each baby and their growing body while providing optimal support and comfort.

My passion for baby wearing led me to start Zarinah and become a Certified Babywearing Educator through Babywearing School Australia. It has been a whole new learning experience from my usual day job as a Critical Care Nurse working in Emergency. As a Muslim Woman of Colour living in Australia I often occupy spaces as a minority. I’m used to not seeing people like myself in mainstream media or marketing represented positively or genuinely. So within my intention to make top quality, beautiful ring slings and accessories to aid and promote babywearing, my intention includes representation. I need to work to ensure I raise a feminist son who understands and believes in the strength and power of women and who is raised in a generation where People of Colour are seen and heard. 
Zarinah slings and accessories are hand made in Melbourne (Narrm), Australia. We are the first to produce silk ring slings for babywearing in Australia. I acknowledge that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are the original owners and custodians of the land on which I live and work and where sovereignty has never been ceded.


Lauren with baby                                                  

Lauren Zarina x