About Silk

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Zarinah ring slings are crafted out of two layers of luxurious Indian dupion silk and sling specific 100% aluminium rings. They are suitable for newborns to toddlers weighing between 8 - 35 pounds. Zarinah is the first to produce silk ring slings in Australia.

Dupion silk is pure silk, highly lustrious and threaded from raw silk fiber. Each piece of fabric is unique and textured thanks to the characteristic, random, raw slubs woven into the fabric. 

The fabrics are hand dyed so each individual piece may have slight variations adding to the uniqueness of each ring sling.

Silk is a superior fabric due to it's many natural qualities such as being hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, strong yet lightweight, moisture wicking, quick drying, beautiful, breathable and easy to care for.

The fabric may start off feeling stiff as this is how new dupion silk feels. 'Breaking in' your sling by using it, washing and steam ironing it will make the fabric softer and more pliable. Caring for your sling is simple and information on washing your silk can be found here. Threading and adjusting the sling will become easier once sling is broken in. The silk just gets better and better with use.

So go on, wear your baby