Honouring the mother child dyad

Ring sling baby carriers

Babywearing is an invaluable tool for all parents, postpartum and beyond. There are many benefits for baby and carer to be enjoyed through babywearing.

Responsiveness and close contact is essential for the thriving of both mother and child and babywearing facilitates this need.
Ring slings, of course, are our favourite way of babywearing.

Simple yet beautiful babywearing.

Image of a husband wife embracing while babywearing his newborn in a Zarinah ring sling

The first and only silk slings made in Australia

Our fully adjustable ring slings are handmade in Narrm (Melbourne) with two luxuriously strong layers of natural raw dupion silk. Suitable for your squishy newborn or your rambunctious toddler.

Our slings comply with the international safety standard ASTM F2907-15 and are a hip healthy product approved by the International Hip Dysplagia Institute.

New Offerings:

Send Some Love
Our new range of greeting cards featuring original artwork by Sumaya Designs
Cards of Support and Strength
Gentle reminders for challenging times
Luxe Additions
Every sling wrapped in a matching handcrafted silk clutch
Face Masks
Breathable silk and cotton handmade masks
Why Babywearing Matters
This little gem is a must read for all parents and caregivers

It's all about connection

"We are born ready to love and be loved. It is our birthright. Our ability to connect with others is innate, wired into our nervous systems and we need connection as much as we need physical nourishment"

- Sharon Salzberg

Muslim woman in hijab babywearing her newborn baby in a Zarinah ring sling

Love for our slings

"I have been using my Zarinah ring sling since my little one was one month old, he's 15 months old now and we're still using it and loving it. The silk fabric is beautiful and durable. The best tool for settling babies and for allowing them to see the world from a comfortable and secure place"

- Faten

Babywearing education

Contact us for up to date babywearing information and education from on staff babywearing consultants.

How to wear your ring sling
18 Days Postpartum

18 Days Postpartum

"I look at this photo and see a new mother who was still battling with the idea of motherhood: 18 days postpartum is still so fresh. This impromptu lunch was on the way home from an appointment (ambitious with a newborn!), I remember the nerves I had sitting in the restaurant eating and worrying he would wake and scream. You can see the tired in my eyes: I should have been home trying to sleep! I guess part of me wanted to be able to do it all: pop out a baby and return to my normal life. I hadn't yet realised you needed to slow down and that taking care of a baby, as mundane as it gets at times, IS the most important work you can be doing. I didn't yet appreciate the sacredness of it all."
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Reflections on the 2019 Christchurch terror attack

Reflections on the 2019 Christchurch terror attack

It hasn’t felt right being in this space since the terrorist attack in Christchurch – at least without talking about it. Time was needed to pray, to be with my people, to feel.
I held my son a lot, I felt privileged to have his warm body on mine.

My community has been told time and time again by politicians, the media and general public that we are not welcome here, we are the problem, that our faith is one of violence.

Through the lack of representation in media, advertising, literature (the list goes on) we have been told the world is not for us. We are not the target market. Or we are tokenized for profit when it suits them.

A power structure that actively tries to eradicate Aboriginal People from their land, dehumanizes Black people, criminalises & detains refugees and uses Islamophobia as an election winning strategy also promotes the separation of the mother – child dyad in the interests of capitalism.

A culture that normalizes the ability to ignore the cries of your newborn – their only form of communication – starts the process of dehumanization of all people from very early on.

Hold your babies and respond to them. Teach them to respect themselves and others.
This work is one of the most sincerest we can do.

#christchurch #holdthemclose
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We carry the experience of separation, of trauma, of distance, of love and joy. We carry it in our DNA and subconscious. It makes up a part of us we don’t even know. 

Parts of us know the smell of the soil of lands our ancestors lived in. The feeling of the air and the rhythm of the sun. Other parts of us remember the burden of separation, of pain and the deepest sorrow we could ever imagine. 

We receive this knowledge and pass it to our children, sometimes without realising. It weaves its way into their being, their make up. It might be expressed through tendencies or an energy resonated. 

So through carrying my child I attempt to provide an alternative narrative to the history of generations ago. A drop in the ocean of separation, of distance, of pain. I tell him that he matters and to be kind. I try to reach into his soul and tell him he is safe. I rally the generations of love and sincerity weaved into our existence and tell him to love himself and love others. I acknowledge the trauma of past generations, both received and exerted, in an effort to raise a responsible, conscious man who knows heart. 

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