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"It's so lightweight! The perfect sling to take out, incase you need something when little legs get tired."


It is so pretty and feels lovely. It glides beautifully through the rings but stays in place. With two layers of silk, it's really strong and solid, so despite walking around for several hours, I didn't get any pain or fatigue"


My favourite thing about the ring sling is it folds up nice and small to fit in your bag. My daughter and I love this sling, I highly recommend it for wearing your baby!


That shine though! I am truly loving this! Now if only I had a squish to wear, this would be divine! For now, it's the carrier that I bring everywhere because it's so compact


The sling is stunning!


Beautifully crafted ring slings. The silk is perfect for babywearing, it's strong enough to carry my 2.5 year old and my newborn, of course. I love the extra length as it feels luxurious but I have a standard length one which is perfectly functional also.


I started using my black Zarinah Ring Sling when my baby was two weeks old. From the first time in the sling my baby fell asleep within minutes and continues to fall asleep within minutes every time he's in the sling. I'm able to go for long walks, do housework & dine out while keeping my baby close & comfortable.


"Porter is almost 4 weeks old. We are loving Mermaid! I think it's my favourite ring sling ever!"


Handcrafted in Narrm

Raw Silk + Aluminium Rings

Strong. Lightweight. Hypoallergenic. Temperature regulating. Moisture Wicking. Breathable. Luxurious. Quick Drying. Easy to Care for.

Newborn to Toddler

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For every mood, every occasion, every expression

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